Powder Coating Facilities – UK, Black Country/West Mids.


Imperial Metal Polishing’s Powder Coating for small parts service.  Is well established in the market place.

This is recommended for small motorcycle or car parts. Also suitable for pedal bike frames. This service is suitable to renew garden furniture, ammunition cases. 

Motorbike frames, yokes, wheels etc. …. are becoming an attractive option to give you vehicle a new lease of life.   Coupled with our staffs expertise. 

Imperial Metal Polishing New service. Check out the finer details here: – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powder_coating

Black or white powder is kept in stock, other colour’s are available on request. Orange has proved popular for KTM Motorcycle frames. Whilst Leather effect black and sage green for garden furniture.


powdered coated BMW Crud catcher
A BMW Powder coated stainless steel crud catcher. Please look out for these for Sale on Ebay.
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