Metal Polishing – Benefits


  • Members of the Petrochemical Industries often need stainless steel 304 of 316  flanges, elbows, connectors, cap ends, tubes and profiles polished to a satin or dull finish.
  • The Food Industry are often after a satin or brushed polish on stainless steel kitchen accessories, table tops and work counters. Aquablasting condiment trays have also proved very successful.
  • Steel Fabricators for new builds who want stainless steel  balustrades, posts, trolley /cycle barriers, bollards and hand rails polished to a high standard which includes dressing of welds, so that they are ready to go out on site.
  • Shipping and Marine Industries, who want high grade metal polished that is suitable to withstand extreme weather conditions, including Alloy 400, Duplex, 90/10 and others.
  • Stainless Steel Stockholders often require Imperial to polish stainless steel tube, pipe or lengths of flat which you can then sell on to your customers.
  • Imperial can offer Metal Laser Cutters or Metal Water Cutting Companies the opportunity to offer their customers stainless or aluminium polishing service by sending them to us after they have been cut.
  • Manufacturers of Staircases can benefit from our metal polishing services as we can polish the stainless steel tube,pipe, round bar, wall palms, flat brackets and fixings.  Then once you have welded them together our highly skilled polishers can dress the welds so the new handrail is ready to go out on site.
  • Dental and Hygiene Industry – to polish small stainless utensils.
  • Antiques and other general household goods.
  • Lift Engineering Companies can be helped by Imperial Metal Polishing, as we  can polish your stainless steel control panels & hand rails.
  • Golfers and Golf Shops who sell 2nd hand clubs.  We can polish minor scratches out of your golf clubs to make them shiny and new. Please note this is not suitable for metal clubs that have been chromed or cast. If in doubt just ask us.
  • We can offer a Aquablasting Service to all restorers of Motorcycles and Cars,  as our Aqua or Vapour Blasting service will remove any surface rust, minor scratches etc and bring your engine casings, calipers etc back to life.