Aqua Blasting and Sand Blasting Services.

Aqua Blasting and Vapour Blasting

Aqua Blasting Services

Above are before and after pictures of items that we have Vapour or Aqua Blasted. Imperials highly experienced team can offer you this service and is ideal for restoring motorcycle and car parts. Including cool heads, air or water cool barrels, calipers, crank casings, forks, engine casings. Please note that due to the amount of water involved in this process this service is not suitable for whole engines or any parts that water could damage. We have recently brought back to life a marble statue with our vapour blasting technology.


All items must have paint and excessive oil and grease removed before vapour blasting. Our Sandblasting can often remove the paint, but isn’t successful with powder coated products. It is often difficult to tell, the different between paint and powder coat. However our experts here at Imperial will be able to assist with the identification process. Please also beware if an item has been sandblasted then mirror polishing is then not an option. – Bring you item(s) in for a no obligation, free advice/quote.

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